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When you think of the Caribbean, your mind automatically travels to white sand beaches and blue sea. What we rarely imagine is that in Colombia there is also another side of the Caribbean. One that is discovered when entering from the coast towards the continent, until finding the savannah. SinuForYou is born there, in the Colombian Caribbean Savannah.

A surprising region where you live under a unique blend of blazing sun and cool coastal breeze. There, the green expanses of meadow grass sway in the evening breeze, like the hips of women when they dance to the rhythm of fandango music.

All this cultural context is the one that ends up reflected in the weavings that men and women of the region have crafted for generations, with arrow cane fibers. In each braid, figure and color, its cordiality, simplicity and joy are also reflected.

And that is what inspires us! With this inspiration we create handbags and accessories that have that mixture of tradition and modern, crafts and fashion, just as the Caribbean and the savannah blend together. That is what we invite you to experience with SinuForYou.

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