5 Colombian Traditions (from the Caribbean Savannah) that you didn’t know about

Colombia is a Country very rich in cultural diversity. Each town or region has cultural expressions thatare uniquely beautiful and interesting.
Today, from the Caribbean Savannah, we share with you 5 Colombian Traditions that will for sure, amaze you. Are you ready to know them?

1. The Guapirreo

Guapirreo is a shout of joy, an expression of party and revelry. A Guapirreo comes with a “Wiiipiipii” or a “Weeiiyeii” that is strongly yelled by those dancing and enjoying the folk rhythms of the Caribbean Savannah.

Wherever you hear a Guapirreo, there is certainly a party going on!

2. The alborada

Dancers around a Papayera Band gather at the main square very early in the morning, when the sun hasn’t still risen. A Colombian tradition within lit candles, traditional skirts and hats and, of course, Guapirreos; that announces the beginning of the festivities in the Caribbean towns of Colombia.

3. Cañaflecha Weaving

That iconic hat that you’ve probably seen anyone from Colombia wear, is called the Sombrero Vueltiao.

Tradiciones colombianas cañaflecha

It is made with cañaflecha palm weaved by our Sabanero artisans, as a tradition that comes from the Zenú tribe at the Caribbean Savannah.

Today, that Colombian tradition is still alive and we, at SinuForYou, highlight and preserve it in each one of our designs, which are co-created along with those artisans, using that ancestral technique.


4. The Living Paintings

At a small town called Galeras, at the north of Colombia, there is a Colombian tradition that year after year becomes alive.

Tradiciones Colombianas Cuadros Vivos

The living paintings are live frozen representations of popular experiences and happenings of the country, personified by the people of Galeras.

With a theatrical montage and a frame that encloses the scene, the performers must remain still during 2 hours!!, so that the audience is delighted with that quiet open gallery.


5. The Gaita rounds

The Gaita is a musical instrument born in the region called Montes de Maria, in Colombia.

When it sounds along with the drums and the maracas, it is impossible to not gather around those who are playing, to enjoy the tune and dance. At the Gaita round it doesn’t matter your age or your dancing skills, the only thing that matters is that you feel and relish this mix of African Indigenous music, that is a lovely Colombian tradition.

¿Did you know any of these Colombian traditions? If you liked them, share this post! 😉

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